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Will the Antichrist be an Israelite? What will he do? What is his ultimate fate?

Armageddon - Apocalypse
From what ancient Israel city is the term 'Armageddon' derived? What are Apocalyptic Christian verses?

In which translation did the Apocrypha first appear? Why are these writings NOT considered to be inspired by God?

What is the PURPOSE of Apologetics in the life of a Christian? Why is it needed?

Ash Wednesday
Where do the ASHES for Ash Wednesday come from? Why is the preceding day known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras?

Bible Codes
Does the Old Testament contain HIDDEN messages? Are secret encoded words PROOF that God exists?

What exactly is BLASPHEMY? Can it be done by ACCIDENT?

Body of Christ
Does the phrase BODY OF CHRIST refer to Jesus' flesh, a single church group or something ELSE?

What does INRI, the abbreviation commonly found on crosses above Jesus's head, MEAN?

Which Israelite tribe, strictly speaking, creates Jews? How was more than one tribe able to produce them after the death of King Solomon?

What does it mean to be legalistic? Are those who keep God's law trying to EARN salvation?

What exactly IS Lent? How is it related to the observance of Easter? Did the early New Testament church keep it?

How does the Bible define marriage? Who performed the first ceremony? What does it take in order to be married in the eyes of God?

Messianic Jew
What do Messianic Jews believe and practice?

When does the Millennium occur? What are the conditions on the earth when it happens?

Narrative Theology
Why should this form of Biblical interpretation NOT be used to determine doctrine?

Does the Bible consider ALL believers to be CHARISMATIC? What are some of the SPIRITUAL GIFTS a Christian can possess?

When did the common meaning of the word CULT begin to change? What does the term usually mean TODAY?

Was deliverance practiced in the New Testament church? Which RELIGIOUS GROUPS use this type of ritual?

Who first proposed this theory and which Bible helped spread its popularity?

How is dogma's original meaning different from how it is used today?

Dynamic Equivalence
What is the difference between Dynamic and Formal methods for Bible translation? Is one more ACCURATE than the other?

What are some of the events that Eschatology studies? What are the views regarding when the RAPTURE will occur?

What are the TWO types of Exegesis? Why are these types CRITICAL to understanding God's word?

First Mention Principle
What is the basis behind the First Mention Principle's interpretation of Biblical texts?

Five fold Ministry
What is a five fold ministry? Does the Bible teach only a FEW Christian leadership?

Formal Equivalence
Which Bible versions utilize this method of Bible translation?

Generational Curse
Can a person INHERIT misfortune? Can certain sins be PASSED to others?

When did Gnosticism start? How did it affect the early New Testament church?

Great Tribulation
How LONG will the Tribulation last? What EVENTS will occur just before this period begins?

Hebrew Roots
What do people who hold these beliefs have in common?

Heresy - Heretic
What exactly constitutes heresy? Why is a heretic more than someone who disagrees with the church?

What are some of the ways that Biblical text can be interpreted?

Holy Laughter
How can laughter be HOLY? Is this type of laughing a SIGN that someone is a true Christian?

What are the two basic forms of Homiletics? How did the apostle Paul come to terms with how he could reach the most people with the Gospel?


New Age
When did NEW AGE teachings begin to be popular? What are some of its beliefs and practices?

What IS the OCCULT? What constitutes occultic practices?

Palm Sunday
What does Palm Sunday commemorate? How was an effigy of JUDAS used to celebrate the day?

When did this religious movement have its start?

Place of Safety
Will God protect a true Christian from experiencing the trials the whole world will soon suffer?

Proof texting
How can proof texting lead to believing a LIE?

Protestant Reformation
When did the Protestant Reformation BEGIN? Who were its early leaders? What bloody war did it ultimately generate?

Where does Purim get its name? How much was a man willing to pay to kill all Jews in Persia?

Will Jesus SECRETLY rapture Christians to heaven before his return? What are the ONLY TWO Bible verses that support this teaching?

Replacement Theology
Is this theology one that is commonly held in Christianity? Who first supported this system?

What is the purpose of a Rhema word? Can it affect the daily life of a Christian?

Sacred Name
Is it a SIN to call our Creator GOD?

Satan's Seed
Was Cain produced by Eve and Satan having SEX in Eden? Do descendants of such an evil seed exist today?

Second Coming
How long was Jesus' first coming to earth? What are the events that must occur before his second arrival?

Seed Faith
Who first began to teach the principle of seed faith?

Sola Scriptura
Why was Sola Scriptura so important to the Reformation? How has this principle continued to be neglected?

Speaking in Tongues
Which religious groups promote this behavior?

Spiritual Warfare
What does spiritual warfare entail? Do evangelists have the power to restrain the devil?

Why was tithing commanded in the Old Testament? On what should a tithe be based?

Word of Faith
What special things are supposed to happen if a person believes in the word of faith?

What are the three signs of a sick church?


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