Definition of
Christian Terms

What is the definition of Armageddon versus Apocalypse? What are Apocalyptic Bible verses?
What makes these writings UNIQUE? Why are they NOT in modern Bibles?
What is the purpose of Apologetics? Why does a Christian need it?
Does the Old Testament contain HIDDEN messages?
Body of Christ
How is charisma related to being Charismatic? Which New Testament gifts are still manifested TODAY?
Has the term cult always had a negative connotation? How is it used in the religious world?
What does deliverance deliver from? Was it practiced in the New Testament church?
How is the Bible translated using Dynamic Equivalence?
What are the two types of Exegesis? Were Biblical writers inspired by God or their imaginations?
Does the Bible teach only a few leadership roles in the church?
Does the formal equivalence method of translation produce the most accurate Bible?
Can a person INHERIT misfortune or bad luck? Are some people predestined to commit certain sins?
When did Gnosticism start? How did it affect the early New Testament church?
What kind of tribulation is considered GREAT? When will this event happen?
How is Judaism related to this movement?
Why is a heretic NOT someone who simply disagrees with what their church teaches?
How can laughter be HOLY? Is this type of laughing a SIGN from God?
Why are those who keep any or all of the Ten Commandments considered legalistic?
What makes Messianic Jews different from other Jewish people? What do they believe and practice?
New Age
What are the beliefs and practices of the New Age movement? Why are Christians so concerned about what they teach?
What is the difference between a CULT and the OCCULT?
What makes Pentecostal people unique? When did the religious movement start?
Place of Safety
How can proof texting lead someone to believe a LIE?
Will Jesus secretly rapture believers to heaven before his second coming?
What is the purpose of a Rhema word? Can it affect a person's DAILY LIFE?
Is it a SIN to call the Creator of the universe GOD?
Satan's Seed
Was Cain the offspring of Eve and the DEVIL? Are modern Jews their descendants?
What must occur before Jesus returns to rule the earth as King of Kings?
Does tongues speaking ALWAYS come from God?
What does spiritual warfare entail? Do some evangelists really have the power to restrain the devil?
Why is this doctrine so POPULAR?

What are the SIGNS of a true Cult?

What are the THREE SIGNS of a sick church?

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Definition of Christian Terms