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Welcome to our section of basic study materials! Here you will find to-the-point articles that will enhance your understanding of God's word. This section offers foundational studies on a wide variety of Biblical and related topics such as Baptism, Bible study tools and tips, Bible translations, Death and Life after Death, Diet, Holidays, Marriage and Divorce, Life and Ministry of Jesus, Money, Music, Noah's ark, Repentance, Ten Commandments and Man's destiny.


Why did Abraham bargain to save Sodom?
Why try to get God NOT to destroy the evil cities?


Who is the Angel of the LORD?
Was he the pre-incarnate Jesus as a human?

Do angels battle each other?
Why would angels FIGHT each other? Who was able to STOP Archangel Gabriel's task of seeing Daniel?

Bible Tools and Tips

Effective studies with marking!
Simple techniques for speeding up your study!

How to start studying the Bible
What are the best study tools to own?



How did we get the Bible?
Who decided what would become part of scripture?

How do the translations compare?
What are the differences between Bibles?

Why was New Testament written in Greek?
Why wasn't Hebrew used to write the gospels?

Bible Errors: What are they?
What errors have crept into Scripture?

How was the Old Testament preserved?
Have errors crept into the Old Testament text?

Studies at Home
How to conduct a group study in the home!

What do the confusing words mean?
What do the King James' out-of-date words mean?


How does God save the children?
Do children who die immediately go to heaven?

Teach your child to pray
Teach your children how to PRAY and let their light SHINE to the world!

Teach your child about the Holy Spirit
Teach children about the power of God's Spirit!

Teach your child about God's plan
Teach children about our Father's plan for all man!

Christian Living

Who can preach the Gospel?
Should ALL Christians preach the gospel or only those in the ordained ministry?

The forgotten spiritual gift
Why do those who utilize the forgotten gift have a HIGHER CALLING from God?

Should we engage in spiritual warfare?
How can we avoid being a casualty during this end time evil age?

What does the Bible say about the poor?
Should the needy WORK for the help they receive? How should we LEND to them?

What are the signs of a sick church?
How can you tell if you are stuck in a SICK church or religion? Is there a CURE for the sickness?

What is spiritual Depression?
What are the common symptoms? How can you tell if you are SPIRITUALLY depressed?

Becoming successful overcomers
What 5 things should we remember in the middle of trials?

How can we achieve spiritual maturity?
Why are there many immature Christians at church? What are the signs of a mature Christian?


What is the NEW covenant?
What was the first covenant made? Does our new relationship with God make the commandments obsolete?

Death and Life after Death

Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus
Is the parable proof that God created a place of torment?

Is there life after death?
Do we have a spiritual part that lives beyond the grave?

Who else was resurrected with Jesus?
Who in Jerusalem was resurrected the SAME day as Jesus?

Do we have an immortal soul?
Is there a SPIRITUAL element in man? What exactly IS man?

Is there a second chance?
Are we born lost? Will all humans be given a full chance to live forever?

What is the first resurrection?
How many resurrections do the scriptures teach?

Diet, Alcohol and Wine

The Bible Diet
Can we eat anything we want?

What are clean and unclean foods?
Which foods were created for our health?

Did Jesus drink real wine?
Did Jesus drink fermented juice (wine) or just good quality grape juice?

What is fasting?
WHY fast? What does it accomplish?

Evolution versus Creation

Are Neanderthals the missing link?
What are the TRUE FACTS about Neanderthal man?

Science and the Bible
What scientific principles were written in God's word long before man verified their existence?

How old is the Earth?
Was the universe created in six days? Does Genesis support TWO creations of Earth?

General Studies and References

What do terms like Cult, Charismatic,
Heresy and Legalism mean?

What is the mark of Cain?
Why did Cain kill Abel? Why did God MARK Cain?

The Plagues of Egypt
WHY were certain plagues on Egypt?

What is the kiss of death?
Who gave the first recorded kiss? What is the kiss of LIFE?


Are we disappointed?
How can God DISAPPOINT or fail us? Why was Elijah DISAPPOINTED with the Eternal?

Should you worship at home?
Are home fellowships AGAINST what the Bible teaches?

Does God have a sense of humor?
Where does humor show up in scripture?

What is GRACE?
Why is man favored?  What is the purpose of receiving grace?  

Who is the God of the Old Testament?
Was it JESUS who interacted with people in the Old Testament?

Is the Godhead a Trinity?
Did Jesus and the apostles teach that God was a MYSTERY?


Israel's greatest disasters
On what single day has many of Israel's worse disasters occurred? How many times has Jerusalem been attacked?

Changed beliefs since the early church
What did the first Christians believe? Why did the church reject its Jewish roots?

Holidays / Birthdays

A Date with the Devil on Halloween
How is the 'fun' of Halloween really a worship of the DEVIL?

What is the true origin of Valentine's Day?
What is the origin of Valentine's Day symbols and celebrations?

What does the Bible say about birthdays?
What is the origin of celebrating birthdays? Do the Scriptures really CONDEMN them?

What is the true origin of Easter?
How did the symbols of the Christian Passover get replaced by those for Easter?

Who were the MAGI?
Did the Magi keep the first Christmas? What two signs occurred a few years BEFORE Jesus was born?

How does the Eternal celebrate Christmas?
Does our Father, like most people, have fond Christmas memories?

What does the Bible say about Halloween?
Is Halloween in the Bible? Why do CHURCH PEOPLE celebrate it? Is it really harmless fun?

Did the Flood lead to Halloween?
Is Halloween a MEMORIAL to those killed in Noah's Flood?

What is read reason for Christmas Season?
Why cannot Christ be SHOVED back into Christmas?

What is the true origin of Christmas?
Do we know when Jesus WASN'T born? Where did we get the symbols of Christmas?

Jesus' Life and Ministry

Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem?
Why was Jesus born in BETHLEHEM when his parents lived in NAZARETH?

Was Melchizedek Jesus?
Could Melchizedek, the mysterious King of Salem who met Abraham, be JESUS?

Which prophecies did Jesus fulfill?
How many Old Testament prophecies did Jesus fulfill and where are they in the Bible?


Last Days of Jesus

Why did Jesus wash the disciples' feet?
What profound meaning is found by Jesus washing the disciples feet at Passover?

Did the thief on the cross go to Heaven?
Did Jesus promise a convicted thief PARADISE?

The Last Days of Jesus Timeline
Who wanted Jesus DEAD? Why were the religious leaders so ANGRY at him? Could Jesus' body been stolen?

The Arrest of Jesus
What made the arrest of Jesus ILLEGAL and against Biblical law?

The Trial of Jesus
Jesus did not have one trial but TWO. What occurred that made them against the law? What charge ultimately led to his crucifixion?

Dead for three days and three nights?
Was Jesus in the grave for seventy-two hours? Why is a Friday crucifixion impossible?

Let this cup pass from me
What was the cup Jesus drank from so that we may be forgiven of our sins?

Man's Destiny

What is the Great Commission?
How did the New Testament church carry out this task given by Jesus?

Why was man created?
Why were we born? What is your DESTINY?

What special relationship does God want?
Can we REALLY be a friend of the Eternal like Abraham?

Marriage and Divorce

Do you need a marriage license?
Is a marriage license needed for a couple to be wed before God? Are private contracts acceptable?

What does the Bible say about polygamy?
Were kings the only ones allowed multiple wives? Did Apostle Paul teach monogamy?

Is interracial marriage allowed?
Did God command the children of Israel not to have relationships with non-Israelites in order to maintain their racial purity?

Is Romance enough in a relationship?
Do intense emotions improve our chances at relating to others?

How can you build strong relationships?
What are the KEYS to building enjoyable friendships? What are the BEST kind of friends we can have?

Are couples who live together married?
Does sex between a couple automatically make them married in God's eyes?


What does the Bible say about gold?
What four things made King Solomon quickly WEALTHY? How does gold help fulfill prophecy?

How rich was King Solomon?
How much GOLD did Solomon have and what is it worth today?

Biblical Guide to Prosperity
Why is it better to be prosperous rather than in need?

Music - FREE sheet music

Amazing Grace
Read about the song's history plus download a FREE copy!

Noah's Ark / The Great Flood

See Pictures of the Ark!

Did giants exist after the flood?
Which giant king did the children of Israel, after leaving Egypt, DEFEAT in battle?

Was the Ark big enough?
Was the Ark the LARGEST vessel of its type ever built? What were the ark's dimensions?

Why did man live longer before the Flood?
Are the long lives before the flood a MYTH? What factors led to man living more than 500 years?

Numbers and the Bible

How were numbers used to make the universe?
How were numbers used to create nature, chemistry, sound, music and colors?

How were numbers used to make the Bible?
How were numbers to design the Bible? What are the four PERFECT numbers?

The hidden numbers of Revelation
What are the three most common numbers used in this prophetic book and WHY are they important?


Guidelines for Prayer
What is the purpose of prayer? When and how should we do it? Are we heard all the time?

What are different answers to prayer?
Is God's silence to our prayers always his final answer? What kind of prayers will he not hear?


Visit our section on Bible Prophecy!

Who are the Nicolaitans?
What did the Nicolaitans teach? What do they do that God says he HATES?

Proverbs and Psalms Studies

Who wrote the Psalms?
Did David write all the songs? How is the book structure into different themes?

Who wrote the Book of Proverbs?
Why was Proverbs written? What are its main themes and lessons?


Origin of the Races
Does Scripture state what the origin of the races is? How has Darwin's racial theories led to the wholesale SLAUGHTER of countless humans?


How does Jesus and Muhammad compare?
Why does Islam think Jesus was a poor role model? Does Islam and Christianity have anything in common?

Where did we get the title of Pope?
Did the Pope's title come from religious or secular sources?

Repentance and Baptism

What is Repentance?
What does God require BEFORE he gives his Holy Spirit?

What does the Bible say about baptism?
How does someone KNOW if they are ready to make the most important commitment of their lives?

What is a baptism by fire?
Should new believers seek this baptism?

Ten Commandments / The Law

Are the Ten Commandments relevant?
Which commandments did Adam and Eve break? Did they exist BEFORE the time of Moses?

What did Paul teach about the law?
Are Old Testament laws no longer valid in the New Testament?

Women and the church

Women in the Bible
What role have WOMEN played in the Bible? Which ones were poets, prophets, rulers, and leaders of armies?

What role should women play at church?
Are women permitted to pray in public or teach men?

What can we learn from Esther?
What inspiration and lessons can be gleaned from this fascinating book?

Miscellaneous Articles

Laying on of Hands
What is the laying on of hands ritual? Why did Jesus and the early church perform this ceremony?

Did Jephthah sacrifice his virgin daughter?
Did Jephthah give his only child as a human sacrifice to God in order to fulfill a vow?

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