Basic Bible Studies

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Why did Abraham try to save Sodom?


Who is the Angel of the Lord?
Do angels FIGHT and go to war?

Bible Study Tips

Mark your Bible for effective studies!
How to start studying the Bible


How did we get the Bible?
Comparison of Bible translations
Bible Errors: What are they?
How was the Old Testament preserved?
How to prepare Biblical Studies at home
Why was New Testament written in Greek?
What do King James words mean today?


How does God save children?
Teach your child to pray
Teach your child about the Holy Spirit
Teach your child about God's plan

Christian Living

What is a conscience?
The forgotten spiritual gift
Should we engage in spiritual warfare?
What does the Bible say about the poor?
What is spiritual Depression?
How to become a successful overcomer
How can we achieve spiritual maturity?

Church - Worship

What are the signs of a SICK church?
Should you worship at home?
What is the Great Commission?
Who can preach the Gospel?
What is "Laying on of Hands?"


What is the New Covenant?

Death and Resurrection

Can we contact the dead?
Do we have an immortal soul?
What is the FIRST resurrection?
Is there a second chance at salvation?
Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus
Who else was resurrected with Jesus?

Diet and Alcohol

The Bible Diet
What are clean and unclean foods?
Did Jesus drink REAL wine?
What is fasting? Why do it?

Evolution versus Creation

When did the continents divide?
Are Neanderthals the missing link?
Science and the Bible
How old is the Earth?


What is grace?
Who is the God of the Old Testament?

Biblical History

What did the early church believe?


Is it a sin to celebrate birthdays?
What is the true origin of Valentine's Day?
What is the true origin of Easter?
What does the Bible say about Halloween?
What is the true origin of Halloween?
The Devil and Halloween
Thanksgiving without God
What is real reason for Christmas Season?
What is the true origin of Christmas?
Who were the Magi?
How does God celebrate Christmas?
What are God's annual Feast days?

Jesus' Life and Ministry

Does Jesus have a sense of humor?
Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem?
Was Melchizedek Jesus?

Jesus' Last Days

The arrest of Jesus
The illegal trials of Jesus
Why did Christ wash the disciples' feet?
Did the thief on the cross go to heaven?
Was Jesus dead for three FULL days?
What was the cup Jesus wanted to avoid?

Man's Destiny

Why was man created?
What special relationship does God want?

Marriage and Divorce

Do you need a marriage license?
What does the Bible say about polygamy?
Is interracial marriage allowed?
How can you build strong relationships?
Are couples who live together married?


Should we pay taxes?
Jesus and the Tax Collector
What does the Bible say about gold?
How rich was King Solomon?
Biblical Guide to Prosperity


Who wrote "Amazing Grace?"

Noah's Ark - The Flood

Did giants exist after the flood?
Was the Ark big enough for the animals?
Why did man live longer before the Flood?

Numbers and the Bible

How did numbers create the universe?
How were numbers used to create the Bible?


The Lord's Prayer
What is Prayer?
Different answers to prayer


Who are the Nicolaitans?

Proverbs and Psalms Studies

Who wrote the Psalms?
Who wrote the Book of Proverbs?
The Book of Proverbs by Topic


The TRUE origin of the races


What is Rasta?
Jesus versus Muhammad
Where did the Pope get his title?

Repentance and Baptism

What is Repentance?
What does the Bible say about baptism?
What is a baptism by fire?

Ten Commandments / Sin

Who can sin?
What is sin?
Did God create the devil?
The three sources of temptation
Are the Ten Commandments relevant?

Women and the church

Women in the Bible
What role should women play at church?
Book of Esther Bible study

Miscellaneous Articles

What is the mark of Cain?
Did Jephthah sacrifice his daughter?
The Plagues of Egypt
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