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Basic Studies for Beginners

Welcome to our section containing studies for beginners! Here you will find very basic studies that will help you begin your journey to understanding what God and the Bible teaches!

This section contains materials on the Bible itself, answers questions about who is God and Jesus, and how to prepare for your studies of the scriptures. It also lists basic reference materials such as Timelines, important people in the Old and New Testaments, who were the kings and prophets of Israel, what is the difference between the Old and New Covenants and other studies! Questions can be sent to us through our easy-to-use question Email page.


Who or what IS God?   Read
What are the attributes of God?   Read
WHOM should we pray to?   Read
Is the Almighty MALE or FEMALE? Read
Was sin CREATED? Read
What does it mean to blaspheme?   Read
How can you know that God exists?  Read
Where did God come from?  Read
Why is there sin and suffering?  Read
Has anyone SEEN the Eternal?  Read
Why doesn't God reveal himself more?  Read
Is the Eternal EVERYWHERE?  Read
Can God LIE?  Read
Does God have a personal name?  Read
Why was man created?   Read

The Bible

The 24 Greatest Biblical Events Read
How did we get the Bible? Read
What makes the Bible HOLY? Read
WHY so many Bibles in the world? Read
Where were the books in Scripture written? Read
How are translations different? Read
What is the most accurate translation?  Read
How to start studying God's word Read
What are the ERRORS in the KJV?   Read

Old Testament Reference

Miracles in the Old Testament
How many miracles appear in the Old Testament? On whom did God send a plague of hemorrhoids?
Old Testament Timeline
When were Adam and Eve created?
When was the Old Testament written?
What is the OLDEST book in the Bible?
Map showing events in Old Testament
When did the Israelites leave Egypt?
Important People in the Old Testament
How many wives did Abraham have?
Important Cities of Ancient Israel
Where did a race of GIANTS live?
Kings of Israel and Judah Timeline
Who were the BEST and WORST kings?
Minor Prophets Timeline
Who was the first prophet that was 'minor'?

General Reference

Definition of Christian Terms
What does Rhema, Exegesis, Heresy,
Apologetics and other terms mean?
New Testament Groups
Who were the Pharisees, Sadducees,
Scribes and Zealots that interacted with Jesus?
Biblical Weights and Measures
What is a TALENT of Gold?

Jesus Christ

Why did Jesus teach in PARABLES?   Read
Was Jesus CREATED?   Read
Which prophecies did Jesus fulfill?  Read
What are the different names of Jesus?  Read
Did Jesus ever say he was GOD?  Read
Who were the first disciples Jesus chose?  Read
Why was Jesus killed though innocent?  Read
When and where was he arrested?  Read
Where was Jesus crucified?  Read
Where was he buried?  Read
When was he resurrected?  Read

What does God want?

Should sins be forgiven or remembered?  Read
What kind of relationship does God want?  Read
Is there a purpose for MY life?   Read

New Testament Reference

New Testament Timeline
Who was the LAST living apostle?
When was the New Testament written?
What was the earliest Gospel written down?
Map showing events in New Testament
When did Paul conduct his missionary journeys?
Important People in the New Testament
Who first saw Jesus alive after his death on cross?
The Last Days of Jesus Timeline
How many prophecies did Jesus fulfill?
Paul's Missionary Journeys Timeline
Who taught Paul when he was growing up?

Misc. Studies and Tools

Learn a basic timeline of the ENTIRE Bible
by taking a few short FREE lessons!
Old Covenant versus New Covenant
What are the basic differences?
Mark your Bible for effective studies!  Read
What is the Biblical definition of love?   Read
How can you read God's word in one year?  Read
Old Testament verses in the Gospels Read
The Ten Commandments in the Gospels Read

General Reference

Bible Study Rules and Tips
Helpful article on understanding God's word
Biblical Symbolism
What do arrows, crowns and keys symbolize?
Definition of Uncommon Words
What is mammon or afflicting your soul?
What does it mean to have an unction?
Basic Teachings
The most fundamental Biblical doctrines
Quick Reference Guide
What do all the Bible abbreviations mean?
Free Sheet Music
to use to worship God!
Amazing Grace
All Hail the PowerGlorious Things are SpokenOnward Christian SoldiersTell Me the Old, Old Story
America, the BeautifulI Love to Tell the StoryPraise Him! Praise Him! The Lord is My Shepherd
Battle Hymn of the Republic I Surrender AllRock of AgesThe Solid Rock
Blessed Assurance It is Well with My SoulStand Up, Stand Up for JesusTrust and Obey
Bringing in the SheavesLeaning on Everlasting ArmsStanding on the PromisesWhat a Friend in Jesus
Count Your Many BlessingsLove Lifted MeSweet Hour of Prayer

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