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Welcome to our growing and popular Bible pictures section! Here you will find materials that will enhance your studies such as those related to Noah's Ark, Biblical Prophecy, the Roman Empire, the Temple in Jerusalem, the Life and Ministry of Jesus and the Last Days of Jesus.

Many of the pictures and other materials in this section can be used on printed materials. We welcome any suggestions or comments on more Bible study materials to provide in this section. You can also submit you questions through our easy-to-use question submittal page.

Noah's Ark

What did the Ark look like?
See picture of the the ark compared to a modern ship!

What did the INSIDE of the Ark look like?
How many decks were in the ark? Were there too many animals or not enough room to spare?

How BIG was Noah's Ark?
How much space was needed to hold the animals?

How LONG did it take to build the ark?
When did the flood occur? How old was Noah when he built the ark?

How many animals did Noah's Ark carry?
Did the ark have to carry ALL the animals?

How were animals FED on Noah's Ark?
Did the Ark have self-cleaning cages?

WHY did God bring the Flood?
What does the Bible say was the reason for the deluge?

Jerusalem's Temple

Model of the Temple
Who does the Bible say had the initial idea to build a temple? What did Herod's temple look like during the time of Jesus?

Interior Design of the Temple
How did GOD design the interior of the temple? Where is the HOLY OF HOLIES located?

Dome of the Rock
Why is the Dome so IMPORTANT to three large world religions?

The Western Wailing Wall
Why do people pray and cry at the wall every Friday?

The Roman Empire

Roman Coliseum (Colosseum)
The largest stadium built by the empire that could host NAVAL BATTLES within its walls! 

Roman Forum
The forum is the MOST FAMOUS meeting place in the world.

Apostle Paul's Missionary Journeys

Philippian Jail Cell
After performing a miracle, why did apostle Paul go to prison?

What did Tarsus give Paul that helped him avoid a WHIPPING by Roman soldiers?

Why did a RIOT occur after apostle Paul preached the gospel?

What made the city of Corinth one of the RICHEST? Why was the city notorious for its sexual sins?

What TWO things were famous about the city? Why did Paul live in Ephesus for more than three years?

Why did a group of Jews form a plot to MURDER Paul in the city?

Why did Paul spend two years in a Roman prison though innocent?

How did the apostle Paul get into an ARGUMENT with philosophers?

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Bible Prophecy

Valley of Megiddo / Jezreel
What famous battles occurred in this area? What battle will occur just BEFORE the return of Jesus?

Seven Churches of Revelation

Ephesus  -  Smyrna

Pergamos  -  Thyatira

Sardis  -  Philadelphia


General Bible Pictures

The Ichthus (Christian Fish)
How did the Ichthus come to represent belief in Jesus?

The Star of David
What does the star symbolize? Why do not some Jews use it as a symbol?

Michelangelo's Last Judgment
What does this famous fresco by Michelangelo, in the Sistine Chapel, teach that is NOT Biblical?

The Nazareth Stone
What is on the Nazareth Stone that shows the EARLY preaching of the Gospel? How soon after his death did Jesus' message begin to BEAR FRUIT?

Did Cleopatra, Egypt's last Queen, and Roman emperor Caesar have an AFFAIR and CHILD?

Circus Maximus
What games did Rome's BIGGEST arena hold?

The Appian Way
WHY did Rome build the road? What makes the Appian Way so important to the prosperity and power of the Roman empire?

St. Peter's Square in Rome
What made the square notorious in early Christian history? How did the Catholics acquire it?

Life of Jesus Pictures

What is the TRUTH about Jesus' birth?
Are Nativity scenes really based on the BIBLE? What inaccurate information do they show?

Wilderness of Judea
Where exactly is the Judean wilderness? WHY is it of critical importance in the life and ministry of Jesus?

Hinnom Valley
Why did Jesus use the valley to teach about God's judgment?

Sermon on the Mount
Why was Jesus' message on the mount so important to the New Testament church?

Shepherds Field in Bethlehem
Angels announce the birth of Jesus Christ!

Pool of Siloam
WHY did Jesus tell a blind man to wash in the pool?

WHY did Jesus move to the city when he already had a place in Nazareth?

What made Galilee special to both Jesus and the disciples?

Last Days of Jesus

The Shroud of Turin
Is the Shroud REAL or a sophisticated FAKE?

Mount of Olives
Picture of where Jesus took the disciples after his last Passover.

The Garden Tomb
Why is the tomb the place where they buried Jesus after the cross?

Garden of Gethsemane
Where is the garden? Why did Judas use it to BETRAY Jesus?

The Last Supper
What MOMENTOUS events occurred during Jesus' last Passover?

Calvary - Golgotha
Does the Bible say the Romans killed Christ at Calvary?

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