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Noah's Ark

What did the Ark look like?
What did the inside of the Ark look like?
How big was Noah's Ark?
How long did it take to build the ark?
How many animals were on Noah's Ark?
How were animals fed on the Ark?

Jerusalem's Temple

Where is the temple veil Jesus tore?
Model of Herod's Temple
Interior Design of the Temple
The Temple in the New Testament
Dome of the Rock
The Western Wailing Wall

Paintings - Symbols - Archeology

Was Eve tempted by a SNAKE?
The Ichthus (Christian Fish)
The Star of David
Michelangelo's Last Judgment
The Nazareth Stone

The Roman Empire

How did the city of Rome begin?
Vatican City, World's Smallest State!
Circus Maximus
The Appian Way

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Ephesus   -   Smyrna
Pergamos   -   Thyatira   -   Sardis
Philadelphia   -   Laodicea

Life of Jesus in Pictures

The Nativity
Wilderness of Judea
Hell at Hinnom Valley
Sermon on the Mount location
Shepherds Field in Bethlehem
Pool of Siloam

Last Days of Christ

The Shroud of Turin
Mount of Olives
Where was Jesus buried?
Garden of Gethsemane
Last Supper Seating
Where was Jesus crucified?


Valley of Megiddo - Jezreel
Emblems of Israel
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