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Bible Study by Topic

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What is the Biblical definition of salvation? What is its goal? What are the basic steps that must be taken in order for a person to be able to live forever? How does God lead a person to REPENT? Are we required only to believe God exists or does he expect MORE from us? How is God accomplishing his will of making creative beings just like HIMSELF?

What are the main divisions of Proverbs, the Bible's book of wisdom written primarily by King Solomon? What are the BENEFITS of gaining wisdom? What does the word of God say about dealing with Anger? What are the pitfalls of Laziness? Is there a road to Happiness? Learn what the world's wisest man had to say about living a healthy life, acquiring wealth, raising and correcting children, having a much BETTER relationship with family and friends and MORE!

Learn about the last week in the life of Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind. View our timeline showing the details of Jesus' last week on earth. Discover how Judas got to sit next to Christ during the Passover. Learn why Jesus washed the disciples' feet, why he feared drinking from a certain cup, and his last words before dying on the cross. Learn about the prophecies Christ's life fulfilled and the actual date of his crucifixion. Discover the origin of the FALSE date of his death known as Good Friday.

Did you know about the Bible . . . ?

The only domesticated animal not found in the Bible is a cat. The word AMEN appears, in the KJV Bible, more than three-quarter of a million times. The longest word in Scripture is Mahershalalhashbaz, which is found in Isaiah 8.

The ONLY woman to serve as Israel's Judge was Deborah and the only woman to rule over either the Kingdom of Judah or Israel was Queen Athaliah (who ruled Israel from 841 to 835 B.C.).

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Glorious Things are Spoken

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It is Well with My Soul

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Love Lifted Me

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Rock of Ages

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

Standing on the Promises

Sweet Hour of Prayer

Tell Me the Old, Old Story

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Solid Rock

What a Friend in Jesus

Additional Study Materials
WHY was man created
if God was already perfect?
Does God give a SECOND
CHANCE to be saved?
Why does God have more
than ONE resurrection of the dead?
Exactly how did King
Solomon acquire all his riches?
How can a person
achieve spiritual maturity?
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