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Special Topics

Gemstones in the Bible - Series
Which gems were used to adorn Lucifer? Which ones will be in the New Jerusalem?

Mythical Animals in the Bible - Series
Did cockatrices, dragons and unicorns exist at one time?

Meaning of Colors in the Bible - Series
What do colors black, blue, purple and others symbolize?

The Urim and Thummim
What purpose did the Urim - Thummim serve in Israel?

What do DREAMS mean?
Whose dreams are in the Bible?

What do VISIONS mean?
Why does God give people visions?


The Spirit World

What can the devil do and not do? - Series
Can demons access God's throne? How many battles has the devil fought?

Do Guardian Angels EXIST?
Are children assigned angels who protect them?

Types of Demons
Do male and female demons exist?

Types of Righteous Angels
Which three angelic beings have names?

The devil speaks in the Old Testament
In which conversation did the devil confront JESUS?

The devil speaks in the New Testament
What is Satan's longest speech and why did he give it?

God - Jesus

What is beautiful to GOD?
What does the Eternal delight in according to Scripture?

The Beauty of the Lord
Who are the only two people to write about God's beauty?

General Bible Studies

Ten Most Encouraging Scriptures
Which Scriptures are the MOST comforting?

Bread in Scripture
What does bread symbolize in the word of God?

Astronomy in the Bible
Which planets and constellations are found in Scripture?

Silver in Scripture
What was silver used for and what does it symbolize?

Book of Proverbs by Topic - Series
Study what the world's wisest man had to say about life!

Kisses in the Bible
What exactly is the kiss of DEATH?

Lessons from a Funeral Home
Why are funerals places of love and joy?

The GREATEST events in the Bible!
Which great events involve either Jesus or Satan?

Science and the Bible
What Scriptural statements have science proven TRUE?

The Plan of Salvation
What are the basic steps for receiving eternal life?



Miracles in the Old Testament
How many miracles appear in the Old Testament?

Miracles in the New Testament
Which miracle is the only one listed in all the Gospels?

People in the Bible

Moses  -  Noah

The most EVIL people!
Who are the worse sinners in Scripture?

Women in Scripture
Study the role women have played in God's word!

Punished BY their sins
Who had their sins punish their disobedience?

People KILLED by God
How many people has the Eternal personally executed?

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