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Special Meanings in the Bible

Meaning of COLORS
What do the colors black, blue, purple, yellow and others symbolize in the Bible?
Dreams in the Bible
Whose dreams are recorded in the Bible? How does God use dreams to communicate his will to man? Do they always having a SPECIAL MEANING?
Numbers and their Meaning
What do numbers REVEAL about the mind and plans of Almighty God?

Biblical Meaning of Numbers Lookup

1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5  -  6  -  7  -  8  -  9
 10  -  11  -  12  -  13  -  14  -  15  -  16  -  17
18  -  19  -  20  -  21  -  22  -  24  -  25
27  -   28  -  29  -  30  -  31  -  33  -  34  -  40
42  -  50  -  51  -  65  -  70  -  120  -  153 
200  -  390  -  400  -  430  -  490  -  666

General Reference - PEOPLE

Important People in the New Testament
Learn about the important people that shaped and impacted the early Christian church!
Important People in the Old Testament
Read brief descriptions of the people who play a pivotal role in God's interactions with man.
Religious Groups of the New Testament
Who were the Scribes, Pharisees, Elders, Zealots and others who interacted with Jesus?


The Life of the Apostle Paul
Delve into the amazing life and missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul with this book!
The REAL Jesus
What was the REAL Jesus like? What kind of FAITH did he possess? Did he actually CREATE man?
God's Annual Feast Days
How do the Biblical annual Feast days picture God's AWESOME plan for man's eternity?

Numbers and Creation

Numbers and creation of the UNIVERSE
How were numbers used to create nature, chemistry, sound, music and colors?
Numbers and the creation of the BIBLE
How did God use numbers to create the Scriptures? What are PERFECT numbers?
The Hidden Numbers of Revelation
What do the numerals embedded in Revelation REVEAL about God's future plans?


Meaning of Christian Terms
What do terms like Charismatic, Exegesis, Heresy, Rapture, Rhema and others MEAN?
Definition of Uncommon Biblical Words
Learn what words like afflict, mammon, publicans, tarry and others mean in TODAY'S language!

General Biblical Reference

Biblical Weights and Measures
What is a widow's mite? How heavy is a talent of gold? What is the purpose of a shekel?
Comparison of Bible Translations
What are the major differences between the most popular and widely used Bibles?
Basic Teachings of Scripture
What are the most foundational, core teachings in God's word?
Biblical Symbolism
Discover what arrows, crowns, dogs, dragons, keys, salt and other words symbolize in Scripture.

Starting a Church or Fellowship

How to Start a Church
What are the GOOD and BAD reasons for starting a new church? Who should be allowed to teach? How can a church operate WITHOUT a Pastor?

History and the Bible

The Temple at the Time of Jesus
What makes Jerusalem special to both God and man? How was worship, sacrifices, etc. carried out at the time of Jesus?

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